"Healthy mind in a healthy body". We were taught by the big ones but few have applied it. Let's not make the same mistake for the new generation that's coming. She has so many temptations to deal with. Let children have the opportunity to learn their body, to love it, to exercise it, to protect it. To learn to try, to struggle, to win and to lose, to participate in teamwork, to set goals in their lives.

For this purpose the abc Nursery School, in cooperation with qualified trainers-coaches, organized and implemented sports programs tailored for preschoolers. The mini-football, tae kwon do, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and swimming programs are made in the friendly and intimate area of ​​the Station, which includes: soccer, basketball and tennis courts, specially landscaped and covered with a special carpet and a secure swimming pool, a spacious hall for the exercises of the sports on the cold winter or very cold days.

The equipment used, instruments and aids are made of materials that are safe, soft and cheerful for kids. The methodology is based on the assimilation of movements by children based on the playful form of the exercises. The exercises are enriched with a variety of motor-driven toys, but they include exercises of normal sport. The presence and personal care of qualified trainers / coaches for each child is continuous.