Educational program of Greek and English

The Pedagogical Program aims at the child's mental development, social and emotional, aesthetics, physical development, mild transition from home to school and generally supporting his first steps towards the foundation of his personality.

For cognitive development, the child is encouraged to learn, stimulates his curiosity, is forced to use language. Through exercises related to acquaintance with his body, senses, the natural environment, the ability, through careful observation, to understand the differences and similarities, the sense of time, the cause-causality relationship, with pre-classical exercises and with play, which is the best way to learn the child what no one can teach ...but also with the modern way of using computer with age-specific programs. In 1993, we were the kindergarten that, in collaboration with the University of Athens, contributed to the research on the usefulness of computers in the educational process.

Παράλληλα για την οικολογική του διαπαιδαγώγηση, προσφέρονται συχνοί περίπατοι στη φύση, απλά μαθήματα φυσικής ιστορίας, περιποίηση των φυτών στον ειδικό χώρο στον κήπο του Σταθμού, δραστηριότητα που οξύνει την παρατηρητικότητα του παιδιού και το μυεί στην αγάπη και το σεβασμό της φύσης. At the same time for its ecological education, there are frequent walks in nature, simple natural history lessons, grooming of plants in the special garden garden, an activity that exacerbates the child's observability and instincts in love and respect for nature.

For aesthetic and creative growth, the child wakes up to the idea of ​​beautiful, segregation and personal taste, but is especially encouraged to be the same creative and to appreciate beauty in things and nature. A series of aesthetic and creative activities are provided to the child such as painting, plastics with dessert-clay, storytelling and dramatization, music-kinetic activities, etc.

For its natural development, the child learns to use his body properly, to control his movement, to enjoy the fresh air, the game, the right food and sleep and to follow the rules of physical hygiene. With age-appropriate physical exercises, motor-driven toys, team and individual sports games, swimming lessons and continuous medical supervision, the child's physical development is supported.

For the smooth transition of the child from the House to the School, two spaces that are the same but so different, the child is surrounded by the affection, affection, tenderness of the experienced Kindergarten but is also strengthened to join for the first time as an equal member in a small social group at the Station. With the good cooperation and constant communication with parents, the useful advice of the Child Psychologist working with the abc Nursery School but above all the responsibility and personal care of the Department and all the staff of the Station, the child is effectively supported in this important point of its socialization.


The English pedagogical program follows the development of the overall program and aims at familiarizing the child with English, learning basic expressions and words and especially his ability to perceive and use with ease what he learns. This is helped by the young age that allows him to listen to, imitate and record, as well as the experienced English pedagogues, who with gaming, singing, constructions and other activities gently lead him to the knowledge and use of the English language. depending on his or her age and any previous experience.