The Pedagogical Program is enriched and supplemented with many activities, events and visits organized by abc Nursery School, aiming at socializing the child and raising his awareness in the arts and culture. The children go to the theater and also present theatrical performances, such as the one at the end of the year (Graduation Day), where they have the opportunity to show off their talents and the skills they have gained from the dramatic and musical lessons they did at the Station. Dramatization (theatrical play) involves expression techniques, but mainly relies on improvisation and imagination. The child approaches the process of creation, learns to conceive at the same time what he will say and how to do it. The theatrical play helps the child gain control of his body, cultivating his speech and improving communication skills.

Music-kinetic education aims to understand music through motor activities. Musical toys accompanied by a corresponding movement help the child to understand and separate different sounds, rhythms, time durations. He actively participates in games of silence and hearing, plays with the lyrics and the rhythms of songs, learns to orient in space. Traditional dances are taught and along with the steps of dance he learns simple elements of Greek history and traditional customs. He does rhythmic gymnastics to gain elastic body, proper breathing, steady muscle system, correct posture of his body.

The children visit museums, painting and photography exhibitions, as part of the work done at the Station for their introduction to the visual arts. Visitors visit the harvest season, the traffic park, the natural history museum, etc. where experts explain and show them, answer their questions, encourage their interest.

They organize at the Station small festivals and performances during national holidays and anniversaries (Christmas, Easter, 25 March, etc.) and make choices for their "representatives".

Parents also take care of the Parents, who, in addition to their daily written information, are invited at regular intervals to the Parents' Meetings and learn about the course and development of their child. On the occasion of the regular monitoring of children by the Pediatrician, the Child Psychologist and the Pediatric Dentist cooperating with the Station, the Parents are invited to Counseling Meetings where they are informed and discussed issues that may be of interest to them and are consulted by these specialists in order to be able to support their child in their first important steps in their lives.

At the end of each school year, the abc Nursery School cycle of activities and events is completed:

  • with children's gymnastics shows at the school's sports facilities, where children have the pleasure to show their parents their progress in soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. as well as traditional dances and rhythmic gymnastics.
  • by demonstrating their swimming skills in the pool of the school.

  • with the top event of the Graduation Day where all children successfully perform a play and a cute English-speaking sketch.

At the end of the event, the children make an appointment for next September, while the Alumni proud - with their first diploma in their hands, are getting ready for the new school life in the primary school.