What Parents say:

Anna Michael Actor

Thank you for the beautiful years you gave to our Christina.

Thank you for being always beside her and listening to her and sharing her problems and concerns.

Thank you, because with your support, our Christina by a baby who walked the door of your school became the child that is today!

Thank you, because thanks to you, your school and your really excellent teachers, we learned much more than we imagined (we expected).

We learned about life, about feelings, about how to get and give love, how to set goals and achieve them, how to share, to recognize our mistakes, how to have faith and confidence in ourselves and in people around us!

Thank you for your warm hugs and tenderness in the difficult and easy!

Thank you for giving our child what it needed at the right time! You heard her that you supported her!

Thank you for all the love you gave! This love and care brought you everyday home.

Thank you for showing us Christina, the way to life !!!

Our thought will always be with you ABC and you will miss us a lot.

Congratulations Messrs. Georgitsis for the school you created! We thank you personally and individually for each of your partners because you have been helping us in this really difficult but unique and valuable role of the parent !!!

We are lucky, grateful and proud to meet you !!!

Sincerely and very loving

Henry Tsipianitis
Anna Michael Actor
Nick Boudouris National Men Basketball Player
An inexorable thank you to ABC, the best kindergarten, through our hearts for what you were extremely valuable to our two children, Kostas and Simo Boudouris.

Love, security, creativity, joy and unbelievable development at the educational level and in English were just a few of what our children have received but also we at the ABC kindergarten.

We both honestly believe that it was the best choice at all levels and that without Mr. Georgitsis and Mr. G. Georgitsis, nothing of all this important for our children could be done in kindergarten of ABC.

Adriana Boudouris Journalist - Presenter NET
Christos Papamichalis Music producer (Melody FM)
ABC thank you very much for everything, you did the best. Our story is still going on. Now that the second part has ended, thank you again.

We go for the third, with the same confidence and the happy end ... .. !!!

Haris Zouvelos and Artemis - Giorgos - Anastasia Teaching Assistant
Charles Hanikian Architect
With affection and with love
They embraced our children
Years passed
ABC was our joy

Sun Lefteris and Love
They await affectionately
Our children to get
ABC dynamically

And when time is up
At school to do everything
We suffered from the pain
ABC was all.

Rania Stella and many
Charms gave us a lot.
With the children singing
ABC will be nostalgic.

Luckily we have a third to see you. Thank you all, you gave us the best.

Christina Hanikian
Christos Papamichalis Music producer (Melody FM)
Thank you for all of ABC and we thank you for the most that will come! Artemis leaves, but do not rest! The attack continues ... ..and the ... .. confidence for the best !!!

We can not think much stronger thanks or anything more to say beyond our decision to be the first school of our children!

Harris Zouvelos Teaching Assistant
and Artemis
Konstantinos Portis Thoracic Surgeon Curator A, Gnatha «Sotiria»,
It was a hot afternoon in June, just three years ago, when two exhausted by the search parents hit the bell of a magical world called the ABC model nursery. The door opened and when the good fairy, Stella, embraced the scared clowns and was lost in the nursery's halls to play together we were sure that this would be our second home.

They have spent three happy years in kindergarten and kindergarten with Mrs. Stella, Mrs. Dina and Mrs. Rania always willing and with great zeal and love to help for the best and to teach the children. With Mrs. Agapi and Mr. Lefteris, whom I very much appreciate for their kindness and sweetness to cling tirelessly to Clontas.

A warm thank you to all the staff at the nursery, who received a scared baby and made her a laughing kid ready for the requirements of her new life from kindergarten to elementary school. As far as Mr. Georgitsis is concerned, he is a very charismatic man who knows to be kind and consistent with his colleagues to offer the best to our parents and children, raising the level of the school very high. I also thank George Giorgos who is his father's worthy successor. We are especially pleased that little Tiffany will continue to live the ABC dream for another two years and I live with distress if Clontia finds such a warm embrace again. Thank you very much.

Sosanna Delibassi - Potari Hematologist - Curator A, GNA "EYAGGELISMOS"
Tiffany Clones
Antonis and Anna Strintzis Shipowner
When someone is given the right to write to the white souls of the children, it actually writes the future, not just the future of the children but also his own.

The train of Michalis' life has already begun with the first kindergarten ABC. Let us wish him the best trip

Dimosthenis Stavrakakis Businessman
The years have passed and the time has come for our third child to study in the best kindergarten.

Without hesitation, we went to the ABC kindergarten. There was no doubt that Constantine, just like our other children, would become a kind, social, confident and left-wing child who would have been best equipped for primary schooling.

Thank you very much in the direction and staff of the nursery for interest, for impeccable attitude and for affection and love, for the best they offered to our children.

Yours sincerely

Ioanna Stavrakaki Employee Ministry of Finance
Virna Isaiah and Andreas Isaiah
The ABC nursery for Nanda will be unforgettable because, through the training process that provided it as a nursery from its 2½ years and then as a kindergarten,

gave her the best of preparation for the next school and school years, but also helped her think mature, appreciate family, friends and realize the value of learning through her very existence.

Thank you very much

Vangelis Chiotis University Professor
Αtouch him and leave ...... but what do you say Mr. Georgitsis, "let him go and leave you please" were your words five years ago,

on the first day of Constantine at the ABC kindergarten. Emotion then, emotion and now. You offered us the best. I can not find words to thank you.

and Voula Chiotis
ANATOLI VENKOV Director of a Russian gas company
Dear Mr. Georgitsis, I have the pleasure to thank you and all people of ABC nursery at Agia Paraskevi for your very important and necessary work which you are doing with all possible heartiness and understanding.

Not with standing the fact that my daughter didn’t speak Greek, every morning she was happy to go to ABC nursery where good teachers and you personally were always her best friends.

I believe that the knowledge as English and skills gained by KSENIA in ABC nursery during these 3 years will help her to be a good daughter , person and citizen .

I hope that KSENIA will remember happy ABC’s days for many many years and that our family and ABC nursery will remain good friends even after KSENIA’s graduation from beloved ABC.

Truly yours

Elias Malevitis Lawyer
Κρίμα που δεν έχω άλλο ένα παιδί να φοιτήσει στο παιδικό σταθμό ABC . Αυτή είναι η πρώτη σκέψη που μου έρχεται στο νου στην ιδέα ότι το τρίτο μου παιδί τελείωσε το νηπιαγωγείο , το πρώτο του σχολείο.

The second thought is that we are lucky parents who have had the happiness and our three children to start their first steps from the standard ABC kindergarten. There they learned their first letters and in English, they acquired the first knowledge of life, they made their first friends. We are grateful for offering the best to my children.

Thank you for rewarding with knowledge, love, affectionate and best care and affection for our absence and at the same time you guided our children in their first and essential steps.

A big thank you is the least that we can say to Mr. Georgitsis and his colleagues at the kindergarten, who did not even miss the presence of a child psychologist in parents' gatherings to give us help and guide us to the growth of my children, culminating in the amazing performance of the children that has filled us with pride for our children and admiration and satisfaction for ABC and our choice for our children's kindergarten.


ABC thank you, we will never forget you or our children. Mr. Georgitsis a great thank you to you personally and one to one of your associates

With appreciation and love

and Voula Malevitis
Pantelis Kapsis Editor of the newspaper "To Vima"
It was three beautiful and creative years for Yannis.

All those who have tried for this, thank them from the heart.

Dimosthenis Stavrakakis Businessman
Two years ago I was very troubled at what kindergarten my children would be taking for the first time because I wanted a kindergarten that would love my children, offer them the best, care for them and love them too.

When I visited the standard ABC kindergarten for the first time I was excited to know Mr. Georgitsis and his staff and I saw from the very first moment what love my children surrounded. And I did not go out on my estimates.

From the very first moment Mary loved the ABC kindergarten, woke up happy and wanted to go every day, loved her so much that she did not want to be separated. This, of course, is due to your own love, your interest and your effort to give the best to the children that will be useful to them at the beginning of the elementary school.

She has spent two years with you, cheerfully creative and constructive, gaining a lot of knowledge about her age, such as English, thousands of impressions and rich experiences from beautiful educational trips and theatrical performances that will remain unforgettable forever in her little child's soul.

I would like to address all of you at the kindergarten a great thank you to the director, the teachers, the drivers, Mrs. Evangelia and I wish you to keep the "child's" school at this level and to have the strength and patience because you have to take care of our other 3 children

Ioanna Stavrakaki Employee Ministry of Finance
Manolis Capsis Journalist MEGA TV
Alexandra wanted to write her in this book and not her mother. Mommy I will write that I love my nursery too and I would always like to go to it all my life.

This is my daughter's wish, as much as we thank you all at ABC kindergarten, which in a warm and cheerful environment gave our daughter the opportunity to gain the trust she needs, a << precious baggage >> for all life, so that it can work together and progress.

Be all well and with many successes

Sophia Spanoudaki